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Join the medieval battle! Take the sword, ax or spear and fight other players in this multiplayer game!
The balls you collect increase health and rating. Attack other players, reduce their rating and rise yourself in the rating table.
There are three main types of warriors: the Viking, the Knight and the Spartan. Everyone has his own animal: Viking has a moose, a Knight has a horse, and a Spartan has a goat. The choice of a warrior does not affect the gameplay, the damage and movement speed are the same.
If the game seems too simple, you can try the Peasant. He has 50% less damage and rides a pig.
When you raise your level, other warriors become available: Swedish, Danish and Teutonic Knights.
There are two types of bonuses in the game: shields and animals. Shields will reduce damage by 50%, and animals will increase your speed by 50%. Gain lasts 20 seconds.