Crazy Steve io

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15.11.2023 - game is created for fun and fast fighting. The main task in the game Crazy Steve io - to gain a lot of points to become the coolest player.
On the main page of Crazy Steve's game there is a rating of cool players - great motivation. If you get to the top 1 then the last 10 seconds of the game will be recorded and will be broadcasted to everyone on the main screen of the game.
Playing in crazy Steve, you need to collect diamonds appearing on the map. Them give you are awarded more experience than apples, but thanks to apples you restore health. A lot of diamonds fall out of the killed opponent. Do you understand what the game are alluding to? Yes! You need to scatter dynamite around, shoot arrows, attack with a sword, shoot fireballs and use different weapons in every possible way to kill rivals, and then take their diamonds to yourself. On the map running animals, kill them and get a bunch of apples to heal.
With each new level you increase slightly. Together with the volume increases the ability of your character to collect game items. However, you slow down and become more vulnerable to attacks by fast, small and agile rivals. Therefore, on "Top player" quickly opens the hunting season. Wild Styves prowl the field in search of "fat man". The more points you score, the sharper the battle becomes!
The peculiarity of Crazy Steve is that if you are not neat, you will undermine your self on own dynamite, there will be a lot of blood !. You can throw 4 dynamite at a time. On the map are scattered different helmets: wooden, iron, gold, diamond and trolley, put them on, sit in the car to become more protected!