MineFighters io

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MineFighters io - is a game in which you will fight against opponents from all over the world. Collect food, destroy rivals, and level up.
How to play
The main task in Minecraft Battle is to become the coolest warrior on the battlefield. In the upper left corner you can see the list of leaders, try to be in it, and then lead the top of the strongest. The scale of your levels is displayed at the bottom of the center. To replenish it, collect food on the field and, of course, kill your rivals. For victories give the most experience.
Keep in mind that during a strike in MineFighters io, you stop. The one behind you might cut you off at that moment. So avoid a large crowd, where everyone gets left and right. Strike when you are sure of your victory and try to ensure that each blow reaches its goal. And if it gets hard-run to the right mouse button.
To win, you need to collect points, if you just collect food, you will get from one to three points. If you manage to take down your opponent, you will be awarded a score of fifty points. So think about what is more profitable for you. Eating will make you less mobile, which is not as good as it looks.