Cosmoz one

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COSMOZ.ONE is a browser game, the action of which takes place in space.
There are three modes available to play:
  • Alien Defense
    • Defend your base and survive as long as possible.
  • Red vs Blue
    • Defend your base and destroy the enemy base.
  • Creation
    • Just something to build.
You will have a good time in the team game.
By mining resources from meteorites, you create and modify weapons, create objects that improve the characteristics of the ship.
The game has a large selection of weapons, from primitive blasters to lasers-burners, as well as a wide variety of buffs.
Beware of collisions with meteorites and do not approach the black holes, otherwise you will dead.
If you quickly press the WASD buttons, flying away from a black hole, then perhaps you fly out of the range of its gravity.
Points are awarded for each extracted resource, for killing an enemy, for capturing an enemy planet or inflicting damage to the base of opponents.
Thanks to the received points, your ship increases in size.