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Bombers io - this is a multiplayer io game, you will have the only weapon — a grenade launcher to kill others. Make accurate shots for 100% target hits andunlock the most powerful weapon.
How to play
The military task is to become the coolest warrior in the arena. For military achievements, we get points that you can use to buy new guns. Each one is special.
Plus, the landscape objects make adjustments to the battle. You can't throw a projectile over some buildings, but you can throw a projectile over some buildings from a certain distance. The better you understand the features of weapons and their interaction with natural obstacles, the better.
Navigate the mini-map where all your enemies are marked. Beware of large collisions with enemies and a battle on two or more sides at once. It's great if you can face another player and face off against suitable opponents together. When you sit close to each other, you will not be able to stab in the back, so you can trust your allies.
Your soldier mortar will be assigned a secret call sign at the very beginning, and if you do not agree with this, you can come up with your own. When you finish with the name, you will be taken toa desert in the truest sense of the word, where soldiers like you are trying to survive. And you can only survive here constantly, shooting from your mortar, by the way,over time, you will be able to expand your Arsenal, having previously earned money.