SeaRide io

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SeaRide io- a game in which you collect power-UPS to improve your stats and become more powerful. Dangers are not only other players, but also hedgehogs, bombs and crazy events occur. Use anemones to protect yourself. Level up as much as possible during the main game to improve your chances of dominating the final mini-game!
Attack enemies by charging your momentum and hitting them from the side or behind. A headbutt to the head will parry, so go around them to land your punches on their body. A stab in the back deals the most damage. Collect coins to spend on new characters and skins.
To fight with other players and at the same time win, collect strengthening circles-boosters. Please note that you only need to collect those that give a plus; cons should be avoided. Tap the box a couple of times to get the bonuses stored in it. Destroy your opponents - an inexhaustible source of new power-UPS. Good luck!