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Hole io - Absorb everything indiscriminately, anything less than you, to eventually absorb the whole city and the whole world! You control a black hole that absorbs everything on your way, which is smaller than you are in size. Don't miss other opponents. Become the biggest matter in the world.

How to Play

Control your round hole and devour everything in your path: cars, houses, people! Engage in battles with other holes in the same city. Get bigger and more powerful, but beware of other players: their holes may be bigger than yours and suck you in.
This game literally sucks you in! Try to become the biggest in the city.


Mouse - move


You’ve been playing hole.io over and over, learning various tips and tricks, eating everything you can ‘stomach’ to become the biggest black hole on the planet, but there was always someone on the map who ended up beating you in size? We’ve all been there, so here are some tips that can help you become the ultimate hole.io master.First rule of this game is: never stop eating. If you make the wrong move and lose your growing momentum, you’ll never get your wasted time back. So here’s the second rule: learn the map to the best of your ability. Knowing where to find objects of your size is at all times will bring you the long awaited victory!


Hole.io is a seemingly simple game, but there are some tricks you can try to beat other players. If you ever find yourself wandering the map aimlessly, stop and think about where you’re going. Try to recall where the structures of appropriate size are concentrated and head there. While you’re on your way continue thinking about your next move for when you grow in size.It’s also useful to trick other players: let’s say you are big enough to eat cars and you’ve almost reached the next level to start consuming whole buildings. You can now wait for someone of your size to approach and time your growth to swallow them unexpectedly. Try out these tricks and see how well they work!


Do you feel like you’re not playing hole.io in the most efficient way possible? Well, you will be happy to know that there’s actually a rather solid strategy to this game that will help you win over and over!How difficult can this be? Just eat everything that gets in the way, right? Wrong: you actually do need to use some strategy and think about what you’re doing to succeed.Assuming you’re big enough to eat small buildings, you don’t want to end up in a corner of the map filled with rare pedestrians or trees. Being surrounded by huge structures you can’t consume is not a good situation either. Plan your growth carefully and you will become the greatest black hole ever!


While hole.io is not the most difficult game in terms of tactics, beating other players can get really hard at times. If you feel like you could be doing better, here’s some useful info to get you on the right track.At first it will be nearly impossible for you to plan your progress simply because it takes some time to make yourself familiar with the surroundings. The best tactics have to do with being one step ahead of the game: start by consuming pedestrians, trash cans and benches, then move to trees and cars.And remember: one wrong move can get you eaten by someone else and undo your progress. Be careful and good luck!

Game Modes

Try 5 game modes and choose the best one for you!


Get the best score in 2 minutes

Battle royale

Be the last hole


Team vs team

Solo run

Eat 100% the map in 2 minutes

Monsters attack

Arm yourself and win

Gameplay Video