Worms lol

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Worms lol -this is a multi-player colorful free slither style game. Complete challenging tasks to get rewards.
When you start the game, you are born as a little worm, and you need to eat a lot to grow up and become the first on the leaderboard. The good part of this game is that you can beat the big worms even when you are small. All you have to do is make their head hit Your body. The point is worms.lol is trying to become number one on the leaderboard.
Make sure you complete all the tasks to get all the amazing rewards! You can also customize your worm with all different colors. Your worm is completely controlled by mouse movement, its head will follow your cursor on the screen.
The top shows the consequence of killing a very large enemy in the game Worm Zone. So much mass - collect until the enemies have arrived! To kill the worm, you need to hit it on the head. Take care of your own head and do not stick out in the red zone. When it becomes sufficiently large, collect the enemies in the ring and slowly push. But be careful be careful, because confidence in your strength and underestimating your opponent is a direct path to defeat.