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Repuls io - 3D online multiplayer first-person shooter, large-scale military operations that take place on a secret territory
Online game "Repuls" invites fans of science fiction and shooters to fight in the world of cyborgs in multiplayer battles. In the game you will be transported to a distant planet. In the future, wars have unfolded for the conquest of space and now various colonies are fighting among themselves. The battle in the game is team-based, so make every effort to your squad won. Get into the "Repuls" in an armored car equipped with weapons and take a machine gunner to fire at enemy positions. Or run around the location and shoot the enemy from a long distance. If you suddenly run out of ammo, hit with your weapon.
From the very start, Repulse IO impresses with the quality of graphics and the atmosphere of the surrounding world. You can customize your character: take him different starting weapons and decorate as you see fit for the purpose of disguise.
The expanses of Repuls io are suitable for conducting a covert war and not going head-on at the enemy. Climb higher and track your targets. There are no first-aid kits here in principle, because health is replenished automatically. If you are injured, then immediately hide in shelters to replenish your health and later strike back.
Each weapon has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Use grenades to scare your enemies from hiding and don't forget to use melee if the enemy gets too close. Experiment and find the best weapon for each scenario, no weapon can be universal. Knowledge of the map is also important, as it allows you to choose the best weapons for each area. Getting into a tight room with a rifle can guarantee your failure, so be wise. Now go ahead and try to beat dozens of other players from all over the world. Good luck!