Zorb io

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Zorb io is a game with an unusual perspective, it takes the usual 2D game io and translates it into a 3D game with 360-degree motion!
This game is similar to other io games and is not similar at the same time. Here, too, you need to eat multi-colored balls to become larger, but only in 3D style.
Zorb.io introduces a unique game mechanism that allows small spheres to take a mass from larger spheres when approaching them. For clarity, players who can eat you are marked in red and next to them is written “Danger”. Players that you can eat are marked green and have the inscription "You can eat." You can also activate the acceleration that your mass spends when active, be careful not to shrink completely from the long acceleration! It is best to accelerate for a short time.
1. Fly along with large balloons to pick up their mass. The closer you can fly, the more you eat, just do not die from a collision!
2. Try to predict the trajectory of the enemy and intercept him. It's easier to catch someone just by cutting them.
3. If someone is chasing you to stay alive, go into a large sphere orbit, so it will be difficult to catch you.
4. To become the first on the leaderboard, you need to continue to grow, so do not be afraid to spend mass to increase speed to eat someone and win.