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MiniGiants io - this is a very fun game in which you will need to kill your enemies, pump and enjoy the game. The game has eight characters: barbarian, tank, fairy, Amazon, necromancer, mage, priest and beast. First, you will be available only one hero. They will be a formidable barbarian. To open the rest of the characters you need to reach a certain level.
Name your" going to certain death " brave warrior and start playing.As always around you will be a lot of enemies who have pumped to a high level and want to kill you to pump even more. It is better to avoid them. Focus on low-level beginners like you. Chances to kill the rival with low or identical rank are much higher.
To level up you need to collect shimmering stones and chests. The chests will be gold, ammunition and weapons. You can equip your hero and increase his combat characteristics. Also, you can sell or improve your things. Shimmering stones will not only increase your experience, but also make up for your health. This game will appeal to all gamers. Have a good time)