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ShooterZ io - This is a world where the best player will rule the arena. Choose a cool weapon and then jump into the arena to engage your enemies.
The combat task is the consistent destruction of rivals. You can join existing rooms or create your own by customizing it for yourself. Choose FFA or Team mode and go ahead to win.
All the weapons in Shooters io are already there. A special highlight is the grenade launcher. It shoots very hard, and to get new cartridges you need to be reborn; there is no place to get them on the map. This also has a special chic - try to hold on to the ammunition that is issued at the beginning as long as possible!
Make your way through the map, carefully shooting all the enemies standing in your way. At the same time, you need to avoid the onslaught of bullets from them, otherwise you will get damage, resulting in the game being over. During a firefight, it is very important to watch your back, your front, your sides, and your surroundings. Try to stay alive so that you can reach the highest rank in the leaderboard to become the best shooter. Have a nice game!