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17.02.2022 -online game in the style of Battle Royale. Land on the battlefield and try to take down as many opponents as possible!
How to play
The more active your actions, the more likely you are to top the rating. First of all, your rating will depend on the ratio of the number of wins and losses. Therefore, destroy more opponents and try not to die. It also takes into account the time spent on the battlefield and the level of destroyed opponents.
Land on the battlefield and arm yourself as quickly as possible. Look for weapons and ammunition in the ammunition boxes. Try to stock up on first aid kits. The most powerful weapons and armor are delivered by airdrop-follow the arrow marked "Cargo" and look for large boxes. The popular construction component is present in the game. You have the ability to build barriers from pre-extracted resources.
In this toy, you will have to fight on an island full of explosive barrels. It is better to stay away from them, otherwise you may be torn to pieces, if a smart player notices you near these barrels, he will shoot you in a second. The game has several game modes:
  1. The arena mode of death is a real bloody mess! Players descend on parachutes and fight endlessly. After you are killed, you can continue the fight again with a parachute and try to get through to the top players.
    2. zombie Mode - in This mode, players can't kill you because you have a more serious problem-it's a zombie! You are safe as long as the sun doesn't Shine, but when night falls, the zombies will come. If you do not have time to negotiate with other players and build a strong defense, you may not survive the night.