SmashKarts io

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SmashKart io is an amazing race for survival. Collect weapons, destroy opponents, and if they dodged bullets, then push them into the abyss!
How to play
In one hundred and fifty seconds of a round of  Smash Kart io tries to become the leader of the competition in terms of the number of kills. Take your weapons from the boxes with a question mark. The current weapon is displayed in the lower-right corner. There is an unarmed way to destroy another: push it out of the map or into the fiery lava in the middle of the map.
If someone is driving at you and you see that they have a weapon, then try to get out of their way: most of the weapons in Smash Kart io hit mostly direct fire. You can't have two weapons at the same time. If you take one, immediately find the target and take a new gun. Don't rush it. Find the target, shoot, and go further. In General, watch the features of each gun, remember, and use these features as effectively as possible!