EvoWarriors fun

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EvoWarriors fun - gradually upgrade your hero from a simple assistant knight to legendary warriors of all times and peoples.
To become stronger and develop, we need to destroy our rivals. In the upper right corner you can see the names and battle score of the coolest players. And below the hero-a strip of your experience. As soon as it is filled, you get a new level, and with it-an increase in the size of the character and the radius of destruction.
For Evolution in EvoWarriors Fun, it is important to eat right. Collect healthy fruits and edible products, especially meat. Don't eat toadstools - they take away experience. The bigger you get, the more you need to eat!
To confidently win or run away, we can use acceleration. We can, and should not, because acceleration very quickly devours the accumulated experience. For the sake of interest, turn on the speed and look at the experience strip and how it rapidly burns through. Use running only when it's really worth it! Attack smaller enemies, so you will have a better chance of staying alive.
Have a nice game and good luck!