Jammies io

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Jammies io - multiplayer online io game for the jelly man. Capture as much territory as you can.
How to play
To take a piece of the map, you need to get out of your base with your jelly man, go around the circle and return to the base again. The territory taken in this way will become yours. But if another player crosses your capture line, then you will lose. This is also true in another order. Cut the lines of your rivals by Jammies io. You are invulnerable at your base, you are safe there, but the essence of the game is to take actions and take risks. Good luck!
There is no harm in colliding with obstacles or border walls inside the map. Obstacles can also be very useful for strategic control or defense.
Outside of their territory, the slime tails are visible and vulnerable. Don't let other slugs touch them. Stay close to your territory and come back as as quickly as possible, before another slime gets to your tail.