Cool Snakes io

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Cool Snakes io - turn your little snake into a big and powerful snake. Undercut your competitors and eat them.
How to play
The goal in Cool Snake is to grow the largest snake on the map. To gain weight, eat colored spheres and butterflies. For the latter give the most mass, if you can catch up with them. But if you want to hit the jackpot, don't hunt butterflies, but other players. Snakes die if they crash their heads into another snake. You can pass through your body, but you can't pass through your opponent.
Before you start the game, enter your nickname and choose a skin for your future winner. In the menu of skins, players will find more than twenty funny skins: colorful snakes, a subway train, cars, a string of people or animals led by a large rabbit, a snake of cool jeeps, and so on. Choose what you like best and go to the arena.
You have acceleration to fight your opponents. Use it to clip other snakes. When they die, then eat the remaining mass after them. Ring it so that no one can eat it faster than you. And when you become the biggest, then ring the other players completely, so that they die inside you. Become the leader of the battle Cool Snakes io!