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Raft Royale io - Build your own water transport from ordinary boards and go into a dangerous sea battle with other players in the sea.
To win the Raft Royal and become an invincible pirate, you need to collect a team of thugs. To do this, travel by sea and take pieces of fruit. Along with this, the crew of Your vehicle will increase. Each piece will become a Bombardier, Archer, or warrior on your raft. When faced with an enemy, the team acts automatically, but much depends on the skill of controlling the raft during the battle.
In addition to the enemies in Raft Royale, there is a natural opponent that can not be defeated - the Kraken. It spreads its tentacles all over the sea, and destroys flesh of any power at once.
If you are being chased by a more powerful opponent, then swim to a place where there are many tentacles, and it will be difficult for a large player to move.Skilfully manage the raft during the battle to prevent the opponent from sinking it. Good luck!