Kize io

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Kize io - Land, find boxes of ammunition and weapons, hide in buildings and hunt enemies!Fight to become the last surviving player.
How to play
The combat task is to become the sole survivor of the battle. The first thing you need to get a weapon. On the map, it is just lying around in boxes. Look for boxes. Look into every house where they are sure to be. Collect the most powerful weapons and be sure to take first-aid kits.Use any weapon you find that could help you. In addition, the ability to build walls to protect yourself.
Collect, create, build and destroy. Lost in the wild, you will be forced to collect various types of resources, create them, build a base for yourself, enter the arena and fight with other players from around the world who are doing the same as you. This is a risky game. try to find grenades, ammunition, various types of weapons and shelters. Use your axe to gather resources, then retreat to a secluded part of the Board to build your base.
The survival zone is constantly shrinking. In the red area, you will die quickly, so navigate the mini-map and go closer to the center to choose a convenient place for ambush and defense. Try to enlist the support of another player to fight together against enemies... and then find out which one of you is stronger. Good luck!