Chompers io

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Chompers io - this is an online multiplayer game in which you control a cute monster that evolves by eating food and destroying other players.
Everyone seems cheerful and friendly, in fact, everyone is just waiting to kill you.
If you have noticed, everyone is armed, so at the beginning of the game, try not to climb immediately into an unequal fight. It is better to collect the fruit, gathering strength and increasing in size. Improve your skills, get new abilities and the ability to change weapons, and then start attacking.
How to play
The game goal in Chompers IO is to win the crown of the first player. You can see your progress on the tournament ladder in the upper right corner. At the bottom of the center, you can see your level and the running booster.
To increase the level, eat sweets on the field, destroy all sorts of flies and beat other players.
Health here at all on one blow. Even a novice can knock out the leader!
For each level in Chompers io, you get bigger, a little faster, and your weapons also grow. The healthier your baton, the easier it is for you to attack: you can hit your opponent on the approach. This is the art of fencing: to impose a distance on the length of your opponent's weapon. And the one with the shorter weapon will lose. But there is acceleration in chompers IO. On the dash, you can run up to the big guy and hit him. Use this to win.