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The game goal in Shools IO is to score the most points and with them the crown of leadership. The game has three modes (FFA, TD and CTF), and in each of them you can distinguish yourself by becoming the coolest player on the map. On the radar, you will be shown the crown symbol, which will complicate your life, because others will know where you are.
As soon as you are on the battlefield, pay attention to the timer, which is located on the top panel of the game in the right corner. There is a countdown to the end of the round. The round lasts exactly seven minutes. During this time, you must destroy the maximum number of enemies. It will not be so easy, because everyone wants to become a winner and lead the top list. The game has three modes. At the end of each round, all players vote for the mode they prefer. It will be the mode that gets the most votes. This game will be a real gift for fans of multiplayer shooters and IO survival games.
For murder, you get special boosters. Some of them are passive, and some will need to be activated by pressing the appropriate button. Current boosters are visible in the lower right corner.
On the mini-map of Shools IO, you will see yourself, the leader, first aid kits in the corners in containers, and a box in the center, if there is one. Destroy this box, it contains money. Take the money-it's points. Is it necessary to say that the players who control the center become winners?!
Before you start the game, you need to select one of the servers and enter your nickname. But that's not all! In the right corner of the game is a list of characters. There are ten of them: a soldier armed with an AK-47, a sniper, a boxer, a soldier with a rocket launcher, a flamethrower, an Archer, a cowboy, and others. Each of them has a powerful weapon, and you just need to learn how to use it correctly.
When you make your choice and come up with a name for one of them. When choosing a warrior, pay attention to their description, since each of them has its own characteristics, they are not just skins. Each warrior has a different speed, power, the amount of damage inflicted on the enemy and their weapons. But, for us, it was a surprise when we decided to play for the boxer. Yes, he is the fastest of all, this is what bribed us, but from the weapons he only has his fists, dressed in Boxing gloves, it seems that the power should not be bad, but what if you meet an enemy with firearms? You can of course quickly send him to the knockout, if only he lets you near him, and does not shoot at first glance. Maybe that's why the boxer is the fastest and you, hiding in an ambush, can suddenly jump out at the enemy and quickly eliminate it. Have a nice game)