Throwz io

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Throwz io - is a game in which players come face to face with weapons in their hands. Reach the leaderboard by killing enemies standing in the way!
How to play: to start, select the server from the drop-down list, then come up with a nickname for the hero and start a combat adventure in the dangerous territory where they gather other players to measure their strength.
The arena is filled with warriors who masterfully handle axes and they are not loggers and they have battle axes. At the initial stage, your hatchet is small, but it can also destroy the enemy. Don't touch real opponents, especially those who run with heavy axes, collect colored dots to gain strength.Launch your weapons against other players and against monsters to gain experience points and level up, as you level up, you will evolve first to a Paladin, then a Fire warrior and a Grim Reaper and you will be able to change weapons. Try not just to survive in, and become a leader.