Robostorm io

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Fast-paced multiplayer battle. Call the players around the world and enjoy the juicy 3D-destruction!
How to play
Note: currently only available on desktop platforms.
You control the robot and belong to one of the 4 teams (denoted by the color nickname). The map has 4 teams and 5 capture points, and the goal is to help your team get control of all these points when firing at enemies.
You will get XP, killing enemies and capturing points, and you can spend them on purchasing useful updates.
Damaged robots can be repaired in small repair cabins in the corners of the map.
Tips for
- Do not forget to repair it.
- Do not forget to buy updates.
- Do not forget to use both weapons.
- Experiment with a full weapon.
- Shotgun is more effective when shot next to the enemy.
- Grenades bounce off the walls and allow indirect killings.
- Flamethrower launches small lights, and each of them can ignite any robot. Be careful not to go into your own fire. Use it to slow down enemies.
- You can get damage from your own explosions, so be careful with the rocket launcher and grenades.