Nullstar io

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Nullstar io - fight against other ships and destroy asteroids to become the best captain of outer space and the thunderstorm of the entire galaxy!
How to play
Nullstar io captures from the first minute. Choose the most pleasant color for your starship. The mini-map in the lower-left corner shows the location of everything you need: enemies, asteroids, and planets. Destroy enemies and asteroids; and just Dodge planets. Also sometimes there is a green flying saucer, very strong. You can blow it up, but it won't attack you if you don't shoot at it. If you open fire-hold on!
When you have little HP left-rather eat crystals. They will replenish your health, and you can also use them to teleport. Press " H " in a difficult situation, and you will be thrown to a random place on the map.
Mine asteroids to increase the size and score of your ship.Some asteroids are too big when you're just starting out. The larger your ship, the greater your capabilities.
Please note that while fighting other ships is certainly an essential gameplay, it is not always necessary. Collaboration is also a viable strategy. Ships that turn out to be friendly will be marked with a "heart" icon. Ships that act excessively aggressively will be identified with the"devil".
The game is endless and there is no set goal other than to be the biggest ship.