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Battlefields io - this is a free online multiplayer strategy game. Attack the castles of your rivals and become the main knight of the country!
How to play
The game feature is its speed. The timer before the game starts gives us the opportunity to focus before the ultra-fast madness that is about to begin. And for winning battles, you get gold and experience points. Buy new skins for your bases and warriors for money, and use points to upgrade your troops.
At first glance, chaotic BattleFields io makes sense with an understanding of the strategy of capturing enemies. Fight only the nearest enemy. Do not send your troops anywhere find the enemy and do not rest until you completely destroy it to the last tower. Then proceed to the other opponent. Try not to fight on two fronts, and improve the towers on the front line. Also find your key chips to win, remember them and use them! The last remaining player wins the game!