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IceParty io

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IceParty io - this is an online io game. Try not only not to fall into the black abyss, but to pass the obstacle course to the end!
How to play
Ice Party io is a few dozen crazy levels. At first, you will constantly fall off, this is normal. The game is played very quickly and you will also quickly learn how to control your character. The cards last less than a minute, and during this time you need to try to pass it to the finish line.
At the top of the screen, you can see a scale of your progress and other players. Note how far you have come, but you can not be distracted by other players. Despite the fact that we are competing, the map itself is much more dangerous.
The controls are simple: left and right arrow keys.
If the timer runs out, you will be awarded several points depending on how far you have gone in the game. But try to get to the finish line before the timer runs out to get more points!