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22.11.2023 - A game in which you control a small snake. Your goal is to eat as many shiny dots as possible to turn into a huge snake. Beware of your body and the bodies of other players, try to catch other players by closing them in a circle, wait until they are killed, and take their points. Play, evolve and compete with your friends!

How to play?

Work your way through the competition, complete challenges, improve your skills and destroy other players. Absorb the nectar and energy left behind to increase your size, skills and abilities. Work your way to the top of the food chain and become the Biggest Snake.
Cute and dangerous snakes populate this world. Fight together with your friends against your enemies. After death, you can be reborn into a beautiful buzzard. You will be able to fly! Bugs and slugs are great food. Surround and eat!


The idea of Little Big Snake game is to eat food and grow a snake. The glowing nectar is the food. They can be found all over the map, inside bugs and in the remains of dead snakes. Eating them will make your snake larger and give your snake energy to increase its speed!
The fastest way to get bigger and stronger is to trap other snakes or larger bugs. Large bugs often throw out enhancements that allow you to evolve faster, giving you a time-limited advantage.
By competing in games, you level up and get chests with various rewards such as gold. You will also get achievements that allow you to earn in-game rewards.
Leveling up and earning gold gives you the opportunity to purchase improvements through the evolution bar. You can increase energy regeneration, growth rate from eating, and more.
As you reach higher levels, you can get even more improvements!


  • Mouse - move
  • Left mouse button - accelerate

Gameplay Video