MiniRoyale 2

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MiniRoyale 2
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MiniRoyale 2 - browser-based network first-person shooter. Participate in brutal shootouts and be the last survivor on the battlefield!
A helicopter throws participants with parachutes in a dilapidated city. The battle is taking place in a quarantine zone. Chemical weapons are being tested all around. Clouds of green gas poison the character. The safe area is gradually narrowing, which forces the fighters to leave their shelters. At the start, they give you a gun with a single clip. You will have to run around the houses in search of equipment and ammunition. After that, go hunting and kill everyone you meet. The goal is to remain the only living fighter.
How to play?
The game begins with the fact that you need to choose a location on the map of the area and make a jump, control the parachute to the best place for you. When you get down to earth, you will immediately find that your Arsenal of weapons will not last long. Search every building, open all doors, break Windows, look behind every counter, shoot down drones with boxes and collect all possible weapons, ammunition, inventory and equipment. After you get a decent gun and a good inventory, start firing, destroying all your enemies without stopping. Choose the best position for yourself and throw grenades, smoke bombs, shoot with fifteen unique weapons, use drones to shoot and much more. Shoot accurately, run fast and try not to stick out again until you kill the last enemy.
In the main menu section, you can choose and customize a unique image of your character to your liking, create your own dance style to the music, which will display your emotions when you kill an enemy. Join the battle of real warriors and become the best fighter.