Colonist io

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Colonist io - IO is a game in which you take on the role of a colonist and have to build a civilization and expand your territory.
How to play
IO Colonizers begin with the fact that each player will have to put a starting settlement and the road to it. Players receive resources that can then be traded with other players. You can also sprout your settlements to the Harbor, which allows you to trade with the game Market.
To win the IO Colonizer game, you need to score ten victory points. You get these points for the longest roads, armies, cities built, and resources extracted. Build wisely and follow the actions of other players. Here, every move depends on the actions of your opponents, and you need to be on your guard all the time if you want to win.
Building settlements increases your production and victory points, but makes you a target for other players. Extremely simple rules with incredibly deep gameplay. Combine strategy, planning, cunning, and negotiation skills to win. The base game is designed for 4 players, and the first player reaches 10 wins. You can play alone against bots, with friends, or with online players around the world.