Golfroyale io

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Golfroyale io is a multi-player three-dimensional Golf game where we drive balls into the hole at speed. Can you beat your competitors?
Try to score as many points as possible and become the best golfer. Every Golf course is a challenge, and only the best players can pass this challenge.
How to play
We can create levels in Golf Online for yourself or join an already existing; and then, and more pleasant. At the moment, enough levels have been made to play enough and not get to any similar level. Throw the ball into the hole faster than anyone else, earn bonus points and unlock cool hats for them.
Play mini Golf in real time with 50 opponents at the same time!
Use your skills to make shots while driving at high speed, bounce around obstacles and traps, and throw the ball all over the field for
Golf. However, be careful, your opponents may use special abilities. But if they do, well, you have the same privileges.