MineStrike fun

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MineStrike. fun – this is a great entertainment for fans of Minecraft, in which you will have to become a participant in the game of survival. On the playing field there are already other players who have managed to pump up and get cool weapons. It is better not to approach them and stay away when they try to approach you. To win, you need to bypass all the enemies on the level of pumping and destroy everyone who will be nearby.
How to play
With each new level, you will become steeper, and the scope of your sword - wider. For acceleration on the right mouse button, we lose precious experience. And we get it from all sorts of delicious food and killed rivals.
It is best to beat the sword slightly ahead of the curve. Glitch or not, the reflective feature of the weapon is that it kills with a slightly larger surface than you see. With this secret, you can succeed in fights.
Eat cakes, cookies, boiled fish and whatever you find to grow in size while you are small, the most important thing is not to eat poisonous potatoes, because it reduces your experience and you become smaller!
You can insure yourself by simply running away from large enemies so that they don't kill you in one fell swoop with their powerful weapons, or you can sacrifice your experience to the enemy.
But you won't be able to run for long, because when you run, your experience decreases.