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Sea Dragons io

you will play as a mythical monster that lives in the depths of the ocean and fights for survival among others of its kind.
I wonder if you have the courage to take control of a terrible sea monster, which thanks to you should turn into a huge sea dragon? If you think that you can control it and help it get to the top of the food chain, then go ahead!!
How to play
The game goal in Sea Dragon IO goes far beyond the battle. There are a lot of options: daily tasks for which you will get bonuses, cool rare dragons to destroy other players without a chance. Secret maps that will allow you to open super dragons!In combat, the system is like this: eat everything you see to get new levels and grow.
As soon as you are on the map, there is already a battle for survival in full swing. Players will try to kill each other and eat the enemy's experience after they die. You can also hunt your enemies and trim them deftly. But remember that your snake is also a tasty morsel and is under the gun of rivals. To increase in size, you need to eat colorful fish and bright fluorescent spheres. When your snake gets stronger, you will be able to complete various quests and receive rewards. Your tasks will be displayed in the upper-left corner. Amazing adventures in the underwater world are waiting for you.Enjoy this game, which is very beautiful and with amazing animation! Have a nice game and good luck!