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Shell Shockers - is a great multiplayer egg shooter!
Four game modes and eight egg-shooting weapons are available!

How to Play

Play Shell Shockers with your friends in private games or engage in public matches to fry friends you haven't met yet. Explore dozens of different maps and hone your egg fighting style!
Dress up your shell with a variety of hats and stamps (new items appear twice a month)! You can even paint your egg a fabulous color. Join the VIP Club and become a VERY IMPORTANT egg, earning shell colors, free premium rewards, egg bonuses, and more! Are you ready to play one of the best free io games?
Start playing and show the world what you can do! (yolk? 😁)


Use the following controls to play Shell Shockers:
  • WASD keys - to move
  • Left mouse button - shoot
  • Spacebar - jump
  • Shift - aim
  • E - change weapon
  • R - reload
  • Q - launch grenade
  • F - melee
  • G - for inspection

Game Modes

  • Mingle with the good eggs in our classic Teams mode
  • Become a free egg and battle it out with everyone in Free For All mode.
  • Join other chefs in the kitchen to grab a scoop.
  • Or become the king rooster in our new King of the Hen House mode!

Gameplay Video