Nend io

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05.10.2018 is a city survival game in which you can grow, evolve and do your daily activities, like in real life. Sleep, eat, have fun and go to the toilet. To make money, you will need to work.
Sleep in bed. The better is your bed, the better is your sleep. To eat, buy food at a distributor, a supermarket, or find leftovers in a trash. Some foods have special effects. Improve your mood by dancing at a club, taking medicine/food or buying clothes.
To earn money, you can work on a computer, find money on the road, or kill another player. When you have accumulated a sufficient amount, you can buy a building and get money for it every second. Every time someone buys something in your building, you get paid.
As you level up, you can improve your skills.
Before you die, consider buying a successor in the nursery. The more skills your successor has, the more expensive he will be.