Ducklings io

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Ducklings io - this is a very cute game in which you will play as a duck. On the lake you will find a mother duck who lost her little ducklings and you will have to find them and return them to a warm and cozy place. The babies are scattered all over the lake and may end up in someone else's nest, where they will be raised by other mothers. This cannot be allowed!
At the beginning of the game, you will find yourself near your nest, where the duck is sitting. Go in search of ducklings and bring them to your nest. To do this, you will need to sail far from the mother duck to the most remote parts of the lake. Periodically, you will meet other ducks, which will be followed by ducklings. You can prune them and take the ducklings. As soon as they swim for you, quickly return to the nest and give them to their mother. The more ducklings return to the duck, the bigger your home will become. But remember that your kids can also be taken away, so try to get to your home quickly. Also, beware of rowers and barges. They can easily run over your character. But you can quickly be reborn and return to the game. This cute and enjoyable game will appeal to all players without exception and will help you play quietly without too much stress.
Good luck!