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Sketchful io - Game problem in the Sketch Online depends on whether you are leading or guessing. The presenter is given a choice of three words. He must choose one and then draw it. The rest will have to guess what he drew. The timer is ticking, and you need to meet as soon as possible and the faster you will guess what is drawn there, the more points you earn. In the picture you can see the number of letters that the word includes. To write the words themselves are not. If no one guesses the host, he will not get points. I need someone to guess.
To guess the word in Sketchful io, you can go through all the options - the number of attempts is not limited. But when you call the right word, it will not show in the General chat, but only write that you guessed correctly. The faster you guess, the more profit you get.
The game is great and will entertain you for hours. Sometimes you get a player who will be blunt, in which case you can just vote to kick him out.