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DeadWalk io - 3D third-person shooter in which you have to survive in a terrible post-apocalyptic world, fighting off the crowds of zombies and people.
After the failure of scientists-genetikov the virus has overrun the world and only a few survived. You were lucky to become one of them and survive in this terrible place. But remember that the main enemies were and are people. The game is a round in which you need to hold out for a while. Kill zombies and other people until they kill you, find ammo, weapons, ammunition, first aid kits. The player who will have the most points at the end of the round will win. Also zombies are moving very fast so you will need to have good reaction and skills to resist them. The battle with other people in General is a good test. Use stealth to move around the map unnoticed. Hide in buildings, collect supplies. Good luck.