Hexa io

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Hexa io - In this multiplayer browser-based online game, you will build your own territory and conquer others' plot of land.
How to play
The essence of the game is very simple. Players need to take the maximum length of the map and paint it in their own color.Players compete in two ways: for the crown of leadership in terms of points and the volume of occupied territory. After you kill another player, don't forget to take their prize coins. The leader in points gets the crown.
Everyone starts with a small piece of land. Draw a line of capture of other lands and return to the base for the final consolidation of the territory for you. You can also capture other players ' lands. If someone cuts your line of capture, you will die. When players face off in Hex io head-on, there is a very tense situation, and the fastest wins. Acceleration boosters appear on the map from time to time, which can play a crucial role in the confrontation. It's a great piece of luck to find one close to a fight.