BombHopper io

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BombHopper io - this is an IO platformer-puzzle based on physics, in which you have to use explosions to throw the main character to the finish line.
A small neon square, which you have to control in this game, has a hard time passing all these puzzles, deprived of limbs, it is forced to move with the help of explosions and shots with balls of different types. But he so wants to get into the coveted green door, which is often hidden from him by cunning level designers. Complete the levels as quickly as possible, collecting all the stars!
In Bombhopper, you will use your grenade launcher to blow yourself up. Use your mouse to determine the appropriate arc of your bomb, then launch away in an attempt to throw yourself over the finish line. Sometimes you will have to jump vertically and horizontally, around the perimeter and even through walls. Just make sure you land at the finish line before your ammo runs out.
The goal is to get to the door by exploding your bombs! Go to the door as fast as possible to collect all 3 stars per level.