TableTug io

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TableTug io -  this is a multiplayer io game where you have to compete with players around the world for the championship. You have to test yourself for strength, and nerves - for strength. It will be fun! Before you start the game, you need to enter your nickname or just accept the serial number of the guest of the game. The choice is yours!
Essence the game consists in that you need to drag the table to your side and leave the opponent with nothing. It won't be easy, but it will be fun.
In the center of the game will be a table, and the players will be on different sides. As soon as the signal sounds, the players will start dragging the table to their side. Press the space bar, to push off and slowly pull the opponent to yourself. The more often you click, the more chances you have to win!The winner is the one who can overcome the enemy and drag the table on your side. To win a complete victory over your opponent, you need to win within three rounds. At the end, the winner will be awarded gold. Having accumulated a certain amount the number of coins you will be able to open a new character. In addition to online mode, you can play for two in offline mode. This will help you have fun with friends and not get bored. Have a nice game and good luck!
The center at the top indicates additional features of the game: low gravity, earthquakes, and others. Sometimes bowling balls fall on top. Don't let it happen distract you and learn to use circumstances in your fight.