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CraftRaft io -  this is a multiplayer io game in which you will build your own raft to get rid of your opponents and become the master of the sea.
In the beginning you start with pretty A small raft, and your goal will be to collect a lot of different materials that you can then use to make your raft bigger. It will be much stronger when you are attacked by enemies. You can also attack your enemies first, destroy them and move forward on the leaderboard, so good luck to you!
If you do not like something during the construction process, then delete this element with a right click. Be sure to put yourself defensive structures around the perimeter. Also during the battle, we have three boosters that you can click at the bottom of the screen. One increases our damage for a while, another increases our defense, and the third restores a little of our damage. Craft, build, manage and defeat all your rivals in CraftCraft io!