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Asteroid Anarchy

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Asteroid Anarchy
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Asteroid Anarchy - This is a battle in which you must survive. Collect crystals, ore and fight a ton of enemies for the right to own space.
The combat task in Asteroid Anarchy is to pump your ship and dominate the outer space. Shoot asteroids to collect minerals.
The entire game takes place on an asteroid field, where you must accumulate two main resources, namely crystals and ore, improve your ship, and kill bots and other human players. There are a lot of things you need to do to survive in the field, right? Therefore, you will have to prepare everything in advance! As you make your way through the asteroid field, you can kill bots and other players to get crystals. You will use the ore to repair the ship when it is damaged.
So it happens that most of the people going around the starting of the asteroid. Learn to hover over it motionless and shoot those who do not start in any way.
Management in Asteroid Anarchy is the key to victory. The better you are able to control the ship and maneuver, the better. And if you get tired of the fight, then go to the far corner of the universe and there extract resources, because who will find more crystals, the cooler!
Now you have learned all about the gameplay. All you have to do is survive to become a winner!