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Towerz io


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Towerz io
Date of creation:2020-10-08
Added:27 December 2020
Played:16,148 times

About Game

Towerz io - this is also a game for perfectionists. Install blocks, build your tower as high as possible and try to outrun your rivals.

Build the biggest and tallest blocks in the world. Try to stack the blocks as high as possible against people from all over the world. Two game mods are available. In the first one, you can play with players or bots. In the second - play with your friends: you can create a new game and play with your friends. Be precise! The problem is not time. You can build slowly, but accurately. The tower with the most blocks wins. Play for free and have fun!

If you miss, then pieces slowly fall off from the starting square. So it will be as long as you do not miss the target by one hundred percent. But even after that, we recommend that you do not turn off the game, but take a little look at how other players are playing - until the name of the winner is displayed in Towers io. Try to be the same craftsman next time!

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