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Taaanks io


- to move
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- to attack
- to pick up
Taaanks io
Date of creation:2019-09-26
Added:13 October 2019
Played:41,718 times

About Game

Taaanks io

Your goal in this game is to survive and remain the only winner on the battlefield. You have only one life throughout the match, no respawns and second attempts.At the beginning of the game you only have a RAM as a weapon. Explore the map and watch out for loot boxes. In these boxes you will find weapons, ammunition, mines, first aid kits and kits to upgrade your tank.

Depending on the type of loot box you will find there: weapons, ammunition, mines, first aid kits and upgrade kits for your tank. With each upgrade you get an extra life for your tank. Watch out for the gold boxes, but there you'll find the legendary cannon of level.

Use your battering RAM to demolish obstacles and get resources to build new obstacles: animated walls, water, ice, etc. Use bushes to hide from enemies or build yourself a brick shelter to protect yourself from enemy fire for some time. The combination of different types of obstacles will make your shelter more impassable and confusing and incomprehensible to the enemy, which is necessary for confusion and unexpected attack.

Enemy tanks are not the only threat to you. Every second the lava ring grows denser. When in lava the health of your tank drops dramatically you may die, try to avoid this orange field to survive.

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