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Swars io


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Swars io
Date of creation:2019-08-05
Added:28 August 2019
Played:29,107 times

About Game

Swars io
In the game Swars io You will go to the depths of space and will fly on a galactic fighter, destroying enemies. From the beginning, the system will determine which team you will fight for. There are only two: you can get into the red group or become a warrior of the blue Empire. But before departure, think necessarily their star ship the alias so that it can tag your enemies and brought victory in this confrontation.
On the mini-map you will see the location of the enemy base and Your base. The radar shows you as a yellow dot. Look for him to connect with friends and attack enemies. If you are confident in your abilities, you can wait for opponents right on the respawn zone marked with a square. Start the battle with the enemy by shooting from the available onboard laser weapons. Collect more Stardust to improve your spaceship. Also you have to move all the time to be a difficult target for your opponents starships. The round is allocated a certain amount of time and for these minutes you need to make the maximum number of murders to win on intergalactic rivals.
Take part in the star battle and emerge victorious with Your team!

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