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RoboFight io


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RoboFight io
Date of creation:2019-07-20
Added:19 August 2019
Played:47,835 times

About Game

RoboFight io - this is a multiplayer browser game where you will join the ranks of heroes of iron and steel. Your character will be a powerful robot soldier who skillfully handles weapons. You will go to a secret base, where already in the midst of a fierce battle. Before you start the game is to register to get access to all the guns. Once you're ready, we can get started! In a few seconds, you will find yourself in the thick of battles.

Rate Robofight io done on cool physics robots. They know how to roll up, lean to the side to Dodge bullets and shooting from behind cover. Try it! Those who learn to control the robot better and use its full potential will win this tough battle.

All in the game two teams — red and blue. Your robot can consist of any of them. This means that team members of a different color will become your enemies. Study the area and keep your eyes peeled. At the most unexpected moment, the enemy may appear and shoot you. To avoid this, move quickly and deftly slide, hiding behind the walls of the base. The aim of the game is to beat the enemy team by the number of frags. Destroy the maximum number of robots of the opposing team and be able to win. The longer you last, the more points you get, the more equipment you can unlock and use. It is a constantly evolving world of automatic weapons and tactical solutions. Do you think you will be able to destroy your opponents before they kill you?
Enjoy the game and good luck!

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