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PigeonWars io


- Aim
- Move
- Change weapon
PigeonWars io
Author:random bums corp.
Date of creation:2018-12-01
Added:08 March 2019
Played:31,315 times

About Game

A long, long time ago, we were eagles. But then the human civilization and technology appeared and we’ve lost our reasons to strive and fight. We had free food and we wouldn’t desire or dream of bigger things for our kind’s future… We were degrading for ages. But there is still something to lose, therefore there is still something to acquire… First conscription recruits are heroes! Fearless testers of the most advanced weapons prototypes, your priceless self-destructive experience will be the basement of our development of even better and deathful weapons! On we go! To the space! And let the stars die in the flames of our enemy’s bankas! In the future the battles will change and will become even more destructive and explosive, we will defeat the battle physics so badly that the legends about our glorious battles shall arise even in the deepest farness of the Galaxy! Dove is a symbol of piece? No shit! Recruit! Listen to your heart as the duty is calling for you to join the pigeon wars! Join your fellow pigeon warriors, spread your wings and become the lord of the multiverse! Sign up today and receive high-end equipment, banka and a fancy uniform!

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