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Megachess io


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Megachess io
Date of creation:2020-06-16
Added:28 September 2020
Played:15,010 times

About Game

Megachess io - based io online chess game.Play together with your teammates to defeat your opponents.

How to play
To Destroy the enemy in mega-chess io, we need to eat his king. The concept of dynamic chess is implemented here. At the top, we have a stroke bar. When it's white instead of black, we have four legitimate moves. Move wisely, taking into account the following moves of the players - do not get under attack!

In such a tight competition, it is very easy to lose if you do not pay enough attention to the defense. Do not rush into the attack, Megachess io may not forgive you and punish you very severely. The pieces here fly off the Board very quickly! Move your pawns forward, forming a defense. Attack so that you don't get hit back. Enjoy the game thoroughly!)

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