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MagicBombs io


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MagicBombs io
Date of creation:2020-10-04
Added:26 December 2020
Played:12,174 times

About Game

MagicBombs io - this is an exciting multiplayer io arcade game with magic scarabs for survival for fans of "Bombers" and "Blow it up".

Welcome to the ancient and dangerous world Go to the pyramid of fear and fight skull villains, other players, and various maze-based obstacles. This is a free real-time multiplayer io game similar to the classic 8-bit strategy game Bomberman. There are two modes games: first, you can just join randomly and play against other real live players from all over the world. In free for all (FFA), the arena will be bigger and more competitive. Second, you can create a private room and invite up to ten of your friends and enemies for a private one-on-one battle. This is a strategy game where you will test your mettle against anonymous hordes of online gamers who are determined to start the fight and win.

Beware of scoops, they will take part of the HP. Wander around the locations, trying to collect bonuses. Hearts will replenish lives, the shield will provide protection. By the way in the game Magic Bombs io there are houses in which you can hide from enemies, but the skulls will still get you there.
Level up in levels and become the first on the leaderboard. Enjoy and share with your friends!

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