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Gunies io


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Gunies io
Date of creation:2020-02-11
Added:19 August 2020
Played:27,926 times

About Game this is an online multiplayer game where you fight against players from any part of the world. Players fight in two teams, the red team and the blue team. Move stealthily, hide, climb to higher places to better observe, LAN your attack and defense tactics with your allies, thereby defeating your enemies. The first team to get 100 kills wins the game. Can you get all the achievements?

How to play
At the top of the center, you can see the results table for both teams. Each destroyed opponent will add to your team plus one point. Practice shows that if you work together and press the enemy with heavy fire, then your well-coordinated work will give more fruit than singly.
The most dangerous place on the bridge. It is quite long, lies in a lowland and is shot from all sides. It will be good if someone climbs higher and will shoot at enemies who want to cross to your side. Controlling the bridge is the key to victory!
For shooting, we have only two weapons, the cartridges in which are almost infinite. If you are a little shot, then go behind the fence, so that your health is automatically replenished to one hundred percent. And then back into battle with fresh forces!

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